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Lisa Murkowski

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Joe Miller

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Age: 53


Age: 43

  • Wants to repeal health-care reform
  • Has fought portions of No Child Left Behind
  • Says economy "requires some rules" at federal level
  • Wants to repeal health-care reform
  • Wants to abolish Department of Education
  • Says federal minimum wage is unconstitutional
Polling At: 34% 36%
Campaign Chest: $1.9 million $84,000
Key Quote: "Maybe I'm in a little bit of the underdog role, which is not bad" "Anybody that sees this nation as being on stable economic or fiscal ground is fooling themselves"
Petty Controversy: Was appointed to Senate by father, who was governor at the time; the perceived nepotism caused an uproar and sparked a change in election laws Drew negative publicity when his security team handcuffed a liberal reporter and accused him of "trespassing" at a public event
Wild card: Murkowski is running as a write-in candidate after an upset loss to Miller in the GOP primary; the Democrat in the race, Scott McAdams, could easily tip the election — he is currently polling at 25 percent
Dueling Ads: "Spelling Clinic": The Murkowski campaign challenges the notion that Alaskans aren't "smart enough" to vote for a write-in candidate "Hello Voters": In an Old Spice ad spoof, Miller reminds voters that he beat Murkowski in the GOP primary

Murkowski's "Spelling Clinic":


Miller's "Hello Voters":