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Joe Sestak

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Pat Toomey

Basic Info:

Ret. Admiral, Congressman

Age: 58

Three-term Congressman

Age: 48

  • Voted for healthcare reform
  • Pro gun control--"F" rating from NRA
  • Prominent voice for gay rights
  • Wants to repeal health-care law
  • Anti gun control--"A" rating from NRA
  • Voted for constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage
Polling At: 44% 46%
Campaign Chest: $2.1 million $4.7 million
Key Quote: "I always take a vote as an Independent who happens to be a Democrat." "He is in complete lockstep with Nancy Pelosi's whole agenda."
Petty Controversy: In attack ad, used an unflattering photo taken while his primary opponent, Arlen Specter, was undergoing chemotherapy After crusading against earmarks, collected $9 million in his first term (before eventually swearing them off)
Wild card: Generally considered the underdog, Sestak has a history of last-minute electoral comebacks
Dueling Ads: "Belle": Sestak compares cleaning up after Toomey and Bush in the financial crisis to cleaning up after his family dog "Bailout Belle": Toomey responds to Sestak's "Belle" ad, suggesting Sestak's bank bailout vote wasn't reluctant at all

Joe Sestak's "Belle":


Pat Toomey's "Bailout Belle":

* "neck and neck" - The Takeaway