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Andrew Cuomo

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Carl Paladino

Basic Info: NY attorney general since 2007
Age: 52
Buffalo, NY real-estate mogul
Age: 64
  • Supports right to build "Ground Zero mosque"
  • Supports Obama's health reforms
  • Pro-choice
  • Calls mosque an "affront to the American people"
  • Says ObamaCare "must be stopped"
  • Pro-life
Polling At: 55% 36%
Campaign Chest: $19.9 million $209,000
Key Quote "Mr. Paladino has his own Tea Party; it's an extreme brew."

"Has anybody asked Andrew Cuomo about his paramours?"

Petty Controversy: Drew flack for using phrase "shuck and jive" in reference to President Obama's '08 campaign Threatened to "take out" a journalist who, Paladino said, had photographers "stalking" the young daughter Paladino has with his former mistress
Wild card: Paladino drew national attention and condemnation from a gay nephew after he delivered a "homophobic" speech to Orthodox Jewish leaders.
Dueling Ads: "Takes On": In this ad, Cuomo accuses Paladino of benefitting from "questionable" tax breaks and insider deals "I'll stop the mosque": Paladino promises to block the development of the Park51 Islamic center near Ground Zero

Cuomo's "Takes On":


Paladino's "I'll Stop the Mosque":