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Ami Bera

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Dan Lungren

Basic Info: Physician, professor
Age: 45
Two-term incumbent, CA-03
Age: 50
  • Calls health-care reform a "good first step"
  • Seeks to end capital gains taxes for small businesses
  • Opposes offshore oil drilling
  • Opposed health-care reform, considers it "rationing"
  • Wants to temporarily suspend any and all capital gains taxes
  • Wants to expand offshore drilling
Polling At: 38% 46%
Campaign Chest: $1.1 million $802,000
Key Quote

"Lungren is looking out for himself. He's looking out for the folks who line his pockets."

"Every commercial he's done, everything that he's done, has been a personal attack."

Petty Controversy: Returned campaign donation from Hamas-linked group Was pulled over for speeding during a live radio interview
Wild card: Historically conservative, California's 3rd district which includes Sacramento's eastern suburbs has been trending left in recent years
Dueling Ads: "Shirt": In this ad, Bera accuses Lungren of skirting ethics laws in order to take a lobbyist-funded vacation in Hawaii "Pelosi": Lungren says that Bera is a "Pelosi clone" who favors a "nanny state"

Ami Bera's "Shirt":


Dan Lungren's "Pelosi":