The video: Levi Johnson, father to Tripp Palin and occasional nemesis to Sarah Palin, has drawn national attention by starring in a music video that seems to poke fun at his very public difficulties with Alaska's former first family. In the video — "After Love" by little-known pop singer Brittani Senser — Johnson's character faces off against the overbearing and disapproving mother of his girlfriend. In August, former fiancee Bristol Palin told People that Levi's work on the video, which she considered a jab at her family, was the "last straw" in their most recent breakup.
The reaction:  Oh c'mon, says Simon Vozick-Levinson in Entertainment Weekly. This is just "another boring, generic music video...None of this has anything to do with the Palins." Whatever its intent, Senser's video is "just an embarrassment," says Brian Moylan at Gawker. See for yourself: