The video: And people said there was no passion in politics anymore. Phil Davidson, a candidate for treasurer of Ohio's Stark County gave one of the "craziest" campaign speeches in recent memory at a local Republican Party meeting last night. "Tell your friends, tell your neighbors," the candidate bellows at one point. "I'm coming! Both barrels, guns loaded!" Davidson, who appears to lose control of his emotions several times during the six-minute speech, failed to win his party's nomination — but has likely secured his place in viral video infamy.
The reaction:
The obvious comparison here is to Chris Farley's "Saturday Night Live" motivational speaker, Matt Foley, says the Daily Caller. Wow, is this guy "intense." Davidson has watched too many movies, says Nate Jones at Time. His "impassioned six-minute plea" sounds like it "should have been coming from a villain in Act 2 of a Hollywood drama." Watch the speech below: