The video: In a radio interview with Sean Hannity (listen below), Sarah Palin castigated the "impotent and limp and gutless" reporters who seemingly follow her every move. She derided journalists who use anonymous sources, a criticism some are interpreting as a dig at Vanity Fair's Michael J. Gross, whose controversial new Palin expose contains many off-the-record quotes. "It is just absolutely clear what the state of yellow journalism is today," said Palin. "When a story especially is filled with [anonymous sources,] we know it's bogus and we won't read it." Palin added how "wack" reporters are today. (See highlights from the Vanity Fair piece here.)
The reaction
: Is it just us, says CNN, but did Palin deliberately "use sexual metaphors" to make her point? Either way, says Politics Daily, it says a lot that Palin still manages to make headlines "even when she's trying to refute — or should we say refudiate? — someone else's." Listen to Palin's interview here (the media discussion begins at around the 3:30 point):