A liberal advocacy group has launched a campaign to prevent Sarah Palin's "Mama Grizzly" candidates from winning office. Emily's List, which backs female candidates who are pro-choice, aims to raise money for opponents of candidates backed by the former Alaska governor. To get their message out, the group has launched a website, SarahDoesntSpeakForMe.com, and released an ad campaign parodying Palin's endorsement of her candidates as "Mama Grizzlies." In it, several women in bear costumes take the 2008 vice presidential candidate to task for her policies. The video's far from edgy, says Lindsay Robertson at New York. But this kind of "dare we say, Mom humor" is exactly what's needed to get the point across. Alas, the group confusingly mocks "Palin's folksy metaphors" even as it attempts to "co-opt them for their own purposes," says Nicole Allan at The Atlantic. This "convoluted logic" isn't going to harm Palin's cause in the slightest. Watch the video here: