It's rare to see a politician as famous as Sarah Palin caught in an unscripted exchange with a member of the public. But one resident of Homer, Alaska, got past the bodyguards and hangers-on to have a frank discussion with her former governor — and managed to catch it on videotape. Having spotted Palin and the cameras following her around for her Discovery reality TV show, Kathleen Gustafson hung a banner from her property labeling Palin the "worst governor ever." Palin, accompanied by husband Todd and daughter Bristol, approached Gustafson to discuss the message. In the resulting exchange, Gustafson accuses Palin of abandoning Alaska for money. The moment most worth noting, says Dan Amira at New York magazine, is when Palin appears to "roll her eyes" upon being told that Gustafson is a teacher. "Belittling teachers? Palin really is a maverick." Give Palin credit for hearing Gustafson out, says Glynis MacNicol at Mediaite, and for "remaining her cheerful self" through what was clearly an uncomfortable grilling. It was impressive how Palin "did not waiver once from the persona we frequently see pop up on Fox News." The question is, can she keep it up "under more vigorous and public questioning?" Watch the footage here: