Basil Marceaux, a Republican candidate for governor of Tennessee, recently took to the airwaves to pitch his credentials to voters in an unscripted 60-second video clip that quickly went viral, thanks to Marceaux's "eccentric," hesitant performance. His similarly unpolished website has also garnered attention from snarky web critics. Marceaux's policies include fining anyone who doesn't carry a firearm, planting crops for alternative fuels in vacant state lots, and offering immunity for state crimes to anyone who votes for him in 2010. "Oh boy," says Sean M. at Wonkette, "this is a "masterpiece." Amateur Senate candidates Ernest J. Pagels and Alvin Greene pale in comparison: "We just want to live in this man's brain forever." Marceaux's stump speech "resembles a nervous fifth grader giving an oral book report," says Tommy Christopher at Asylum, but he is inexperienced. Only time — and perhaps his "marvelous" website — will let voters know if he's "more sage than he's given credit for." Watch the video here: