It's going to be an awkward Thanksgiving at the Mantooth family home this year. Oklahoma judicial candidate John Mantooth is the subject of a series of attack ads by none other than his daughter, Jan Schill. Not only did Mantooth's progeny take out a full-page ad telling voters in block capitals "DO NOT VOTE FOR MY DAD," but she has also started a blog — — in which she tells readers Mantooth is "not a good father, not a good grandfather," and judging from his record, "he would not be a good judge." The filial disagreement reportedly dates back to 1981, when Mantooth divorced Schill's mother, but others have pointed out that Schill's husband Andrew used to work with one of Mantooth's opponents. "Just when you think you've seen it all," sighs Mitch Kowalski at Financial Post, along comes a "21st century equivalent to Mommy Dearest." It's debatable who comes off worse in this, says Max Read at Gawker, but either way "it makes for just about the most awkward political ad we've seen since Alabama had its primaries." Watch a local news report on the Mantooth family feud here: