Though President Obama's much-analyzed appearance on ABC's "The View" — the first time a sitting president has deigned to do a daytime talk-show — won't air until Thursday morning, he's already getting negative reviews. Ed Rendell, Pennsylvania's Democratic governor, calls "The View" (which he likens to "Jerry Springer") beneath the "dignity of the presidency." Republican Pat Buchanan agrees, but prefers the phrase, "majesty" of the presidency. The White House says Obama is just trying to reach new audiences. Bad call? (Watch Ed Rendell's comments)

This is bound to be "cringe-worthy": ABC's press release insists the interview will touch on serious issues like the economy and the Gulf oil spill, says Julie Mason in the Washington Examiner, but there's a "high ick-factor" here. Obama is clearly sitting down with Barbara Walters, Whoopi Goldberg, Elizabeth Hasselbeck and crew just to "remind people why they like him personally. This just feels so ... diminishing."
"Cringe-worthy? Obama does 'The View'"

"The View" isn't frothy: "The View" is "nontraditional media," and "a daytime show at that," says James Poniewozik at Time, but this won't be an "easy interview." Admittedly, the last time Obama went on the program as a presidential candidate, Walters called him "sexy." But he also got a grilling from Hasselbeck over the Jeremiah Wright scandal.
"Obama to appear on 'The View'"

Daytime TV's fine, but not right now: There's nothing wrong with the occasional presidential appearance on "Letterman, Leno, even daytime TV," says Colleen McCain Nelson at The Dallas Morning News. But voters are wringing their hands these days over everything from immigration to national debt. Given the national mood, "I'm not sure that seeing laidback Obama on 'The View''s couch is exactly what [voters] are seeking from the president."
"Will Obama enjoy 'The View?'"