Arizona's controversial new immigration law calls for local law enforcement to fight illegal immigration, but apparently local neo-Nazis want in on the action, too. Jason "J.T." Ready, 37 — who claims ties to the white supremacist National Socialist Movement — and his group are reportedly roaming the Arizona border area in full military get-up, searching for Mexican border-crossers. Ready has a criminal record, was kicked out of the Marines (twice) and "has swallowed whole and fully digested the rhetoric of the right-wing lunatic fringe," says Stephen Lemons in the Phoenix New Times. So "the idea of him running around the desert with a high-powered rifle on the hunt for 'narco-terrorists' is not a comforting one, to say the least." A band of "untrained yahoos" with guns will make things harder for legitimate law officers, says E.J. Montini in The Arizona Republic. But "this is what we get for lack of federal action." Watch "J.T." threaten to kill Mexican "narco-terrorists" below: