The Tea Party now has a soundtrack. Krista Branch, a Christian musician and erstwhile "American Idol" hopeful, has released a patriotic new single, "I Am America," which melodically touts the Tea Party's brand of populism and fierce nationalist fervor. The song, which is available for download from iTunes, recently received a boost after Glenn Beck played it on his radio show. If you want to know why Tea Partiers are so angry, says former Republican presidential candidate Fred Thompson on his website, then listen to this "catchy little tune," which "pretty much sums up what all the fuss is about." Catchy, yes, and also rather threatening, says The Huffington Post, with lyrics that "warn those who deride the Tea Party" of "consequences to face when 'judgment day'... rolls around." At least, says Sarah Walker in Best Week Ever, now Tea Partiers will know which song to sing when they're "out karaoking" with their friends! Listen for yourself: