A new ad by Alabama congressional candidate Rick Barber amplifies the Tea Party's anti-tax rhetoric to an unprecedented level. Speaking to a few "fantasy" Founding Fathers, Barber opens by saying he'd "impeach" President Obama, then rails against the Internal Revenue Service for making us "spy on ourselves" by requiring us to report our income. "You gentlemen revolted over a tea tax. A tea tax!" says Barber. "Are you with me?" To which George Washington grimly replies, "Gather your armies."

Incredible, says Mark Murray in MSNBC. Barber's ad actually advocates "taking up arms against the United States." And it makes no sense, says David Weigel in The Washington Post. "President Washington presided over, and approved, the first tax levied by the federal government." Come on — the spot is only "half-serious," says Allahpundit in Hot Air. Like other viral ads from Alabama, it's "super campy," and that's its "saving grace." What's not to love about this guy? says Pamela Gellar in Atlas Shrugs. He stands up for what he believes in — small government, low taxes, personal freedom. Watch the Rick Barber ad below: