Sharron Angle, the controversial conservative and state Tea Party favorite who'll be facing off against Harry Reid for his Nevada Senate seat, has been careful about talking to journalists, says Steve Benen in Washington Monthly. So she adopted the Palin strategy: "Just rely on Fox." And morning show Fox and Friends delivered with a "fawning" interview rife with "pathetic journalism" — including a softball question inviting Angle to re-spin her much-criticized desire to dismantle Social Security. The Fox hosts apparently had "had no idea who they were interviewing," says David Weigel in The Washington Post, suggesting the primary must have been a "whirlwind experience" for someone with no political experience (Angle, a former state legislator, was among the most experienced in the race). Even the Fox affiliate in Las Vegas skewered its sister network for its "poor research." Angle herself came across adequately, says David Freddoso at the Washington Examiner. She explained her ideas for transitioning out of Social Security with private accounts "quite well" — so maybe she was wise to make her debut with "sympathetic interviewers." Watch Angle's Fox appearance below: