Questions are mounting about the legitimacy of Alvin Greene's candidacy for South Carolina's senate seat. Senior Democrats in the state have openly suggested that the unemployed 32-year-old army vet who won the primary without any evident campaigning is not only a Republican 'plant' but that he may be mentally challenged. CNN's Don Lemon, in what he called a "bizarre" encounter, asked Greene (who is also facing felony charges for lewd behavior) about his mental state. (See Greene's response below.) Don Lemon's chat with the candidate regarding his "cognitive ability" was "the oddest interview with Greene yet," says Adrian Chen at Gawker, which is "definitely an accomplishment." Greene is certainly "disconnected from the normal workings of political power," but maybe it's only the media who thinks he might be similarly detached from reality. I don't know about you, says Kris Broughton at Big Think, but I'm getting "tired of watching TV anchors get their jollies by baiting Greene with questions more experienced politicians would simply shrug off." Is Greene simply inexperienced? Watch for yourself: