Need more proof of dissatisfaction with incumbents and the status quo in Washington? A record-breaking number of congressional challengers have entered this year's midterm election. With much of the anger coming from voters on the Right, "the field is heavily Republican, with almost twice as many GOP candidates as Democrats," reports the Associated Press. (Candidacy registration still open in many states, so the numbers could rise even higher.) Some key stats on this increasingly bloated contest:

Total number of congressional seats up for grabs in November

Number of people who've filed statements of candidacy with the Federal Election Commission so far this year

Number of candidates in the 1992 election — the next largest field, historically — when Bill Clinton, George H.W. Bush and Ross Perot battled for the White House

Number of candidates in the 2008 election

Number of candidates in the 2006 midterms election

Minimum amount a candidate must raise or spend on his/her campaign before the FEC requires official registration

Year the FEC began tracking congressional candidates

Number of Republican women running for the Senate this year, a record-high

Number of Republican women who ran for the Senate in 2008

Number of Republican women running for the House of Representatives this year (up from 46 in 2008)


Number of seats Republicans must win to regain control of the House of Representatives

Number of seats the GOP must collect to take back control of the Senate

Percentage of voters who say they are "angry" about how things are going in Washington, according to a recent CBS poll

36 percent
Approval rating of congressional Republicans, according to the latest USA Today/Gallup poll

43 percent
Approval rating for Democrats

Percentage of voters who prefer Republican candidates, compared to 43 percent for Democrats, according to a recent Gallup poll