Sarah Palin has thrown her considerable political heft behind Arizona's controversial immigration reform twice in the past week — once on Saturday when she declared "we are all Arizonans now," and then again on FOX Business on Wednesday, when she urged "every other state on the border" to follow Arizona's example. No matter what you think about her politics, says Michael Van Der Galien at NewsRealBlog, "you have to admit that Palin is one of the bravest women in America." It's easy to be brave when you're mentally "barren," responds Jonathan Capeheart at The Washington Post, who calls Palin out for "her trademark reflexive know-nothingness." What's needed, he says, "is comprehensive immigration reform at the federal level. But all the sensible solutions have been, are and will continue to be shot down by the Sarah Palin wing of the Republican Party." Watch Palin's FOX remarks: