From "You lie!" to "Baby killer!", American lawmakers have participated in their fair share of congressional outbursts. But nothing compares to the fist-swinging, egg-tossing brawls that have erupted between legislators from some other parliaments around the world. rounds up the 5 most brutal battle videos:

1. Breaking eggs in Ukraine, April 2010
Ukrainian lawmakers made headlines this week after chaos broke out during a debate over extending the Russian navy's lease on a military base. Parliamentarians took cover under umbrellas to shield themselves from flying eggs and smoke bombs set off by opposition MPs. In the end, the lease extension was approved by a vote of 236 to 214.

2. Election-law showdown in Taiwan, Jan. 2007
To delay a vote on controversial changes to Taiwan's election laws, members of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party stormed the speaker's podium, riling the minority Nationalist Party. Political slug-outs have been fairly common in Taiwan since the country's martial laws were struck down in 1987.

3. Bolivian corruption battle, August 2008
Intense debate over whether to put try four Bolivian judges on corruption charges devolved into anarchy when lawmakers began throwing punches on the assembly floor. Police were eventually called to quell the skirmish.

4. Indian civil rights fight, June 2007
A debate over a "highly sensitive civil rights" issue turned violent after India's minority party swarmed toward the House leader's bench, sparking a "violent free-for-all" on the parliament floor. Enraged lawmakers threw chairs and hit opponents with microphone stands. Injured members were loaded into ambulances and taken to the hospital.

5. South Korean scuffle, July 2009
A dispute over the relaxation of Korean media ownership laws turned alarmingly physical after members of the opposition party attempted to block the vote by throwing punches. The laws passed, but dozens of lawmakers were injured, with one having to be hospitalized.