Sarah Palin has continued to lambaste President Obama, calling on him to "push the reset button" on U.S. policy toward Israel — saying that his diplomatic confrontation with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over Jewish settlements in disputed East Jerusalem benefits the Palestinians at the expense of "our treasured ally, Israel." Is Palin's criticism fair?

Palin's right Obama treats allies tougher than foes: It's crazy that Obama cozies up to tyrants in the name of engagement, says Jennifer Rubin in Commentary, yet the second Israel says it's building a housing complex in Jerusalem, "all guns are blazing from the West Wing." Palin's a potential candidate in 2012 — it's both fair and smart for her to point out that Obama's foreign policy is a "train wreck."
"A 2012 preview"

Sarah Palin's underestimating the severity of Israel's misstep: Palin calls the dispute over Israel's housing project a "minor incident," says Glynnis MacNicol in Mediaite. That's a bit of an understatement — the construction plans thwarted, at least for now, new U.S.-mediated peace talks. As usual, Palin's just using a controversy to insert herself into the headlines.
"Foreign policy expert Sarah Palin offers President Obama advice on Israel"

Hawkish politicians should be happy Obama's being tough: Israel's government is doing the bidding of "the most extreme elements of the Israeli religious right," says Andrew Sullivan in The Atlantic, while Obama is putting peace first. Yet those politicians who castigate Obama for "weakness with respect to foreign leaders" are "suddenly turning around and accusing the president of ... standing up for America's interests." How weird.
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