The emergence of the Coffee Party, a liberal answer to the Tea Party movement, has inspired the media's copy editors and bloggers to indulge in some enthusiastic wordplay. The Week has filtered a choice brew of the most aromatic headline puns:

"America wakes up to the Coffee Party"
Guardian, March 15

"Coffee Party? Tea Party? Join the Brewvement!"
Huffington Post, March 11

"Coffee Party aims to give the teetotalers a jolt"
Newark Star-Ledger, February 28

"Coffee or Tea party? Whatever your cup, roll up your sleeves"
Chicago Sun Times, March 8

"Will the Coffee Party gain steam?"
CBS News, March 12

"Espresso yourself"

Toronto Star, March 13

"Coffee vs. Tea: A political movement is brewing"
CNN, March 14

"Coffee Party percolating in Kansas City"
Kansas City Star, March 13

"Coffee Party founder wants common grounds"

NPR, March 13