A head-turning billboard recently appeared along a Minnesota highway with a giant, if somewhat goofy, picture of a waving former president George W. Bush, and the words, "Miss me yet?" Bloggers furiously debated who put up the sign, and whether it was a dig at Bush's low approval ratings, or President Obama's performance. A Minneapolis advertising firm clarified the mystery Tuesday, saying small-business owners put up the billboard because they "felt like Washington was against them." But the question remains, a year after Bush left Washington, does America want him back? (Watch a Fox report about the George W. Bush billboard)

Miss Bush? Never: The smirking image on the billboard is a reminder of "the horror being visited upon Americans" thanks to Bush's many mistakes, says Kim LaCapria in The Inquisitr. "That’s 'mission accomplished' Bush. That’s 'heckuva job, Brownie' Bush." That's the moron who "destroyed the fabric of our country" for eight years.
"Whose idea was the 'miss me yet?' billboard?"

Yes! Under Obama, Bush looks better every day: After President Obama tripled the deficit and nearly doubled the average unemployment rate we had under Bush, says Jim Hoft in Gateway Pundit, the Bush days look brighter all the time. No wonder, after a disastrous year, Obama's job approval just hit a new low of 44 percent.
"'Miss Me Yet' billboard pops up in Minnesota"

Not all conservatives miss Bush: "Let’s not get carried away with nostalgia," fellow conservatives, says Michelle Malkin in her blog. Yes, George W. Bush put us "on the proper war footing after 9/11," but he also "pre-socialized the economy for Obama by embracing TARP, the auto bailouts, the AIG bailout." It's OK to dislike Obama without glossing over all the reaons for souring on Bush.
"Things I don’t miss about George W. Bush"


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