John Edwards may want to stay out of the country indefinitely. Or at least until the buzz over "The Politician," a damning new book by former Edwards aide Andrew Young, blows over. Young, who has since fallen out with the one-time Presidential candidate, claims that every detail about Edwards and his notorious affair with mistress Rielle Hunter came from private conversations and eyewitness accounts. (Edwards' personal fall-out, reports Reuters today, has culiminated in a separation from his wife, Elizabeth.) "The Wall Street Journal" got its hands on a copy of "The Politician" and spilled some of the beans.  Here, 10 of the book's most excruciating allegations:

1. Edwards wanted Hunter to have an abortion
When Edwards discovered that his mistress Rielle Hunter was pregnant with his child, alleges Young, Edwards called her a "crazy slut" and told Young to "handle it." "The Politician" suggests that Edwards later tried to get Young to help persuade Hunter to have an abortion, but she refused.

2. Edwards made a sex tape while Hunter was pregnant
News of the senator's sex tape has already been leaked, but Young alleges that Hunter was pregnant at the time of its filming. "It was like watching a traffic pileup in slow motion," Young writes. "Repelling, but also transfixing."

3. Hunter thinks her child will save the world
Young asserts that Hunter has described her baby with Edwards as "some kind of golden child," apparently believing it would be "the reincarnated spirit of a Buddhist monk who was going to help save the world."

4. Edwards tapped wealthy friends to help finance the cover-up
The senator's friend, the late trial lawyer Fred Baron, allegedly paid for a private jet so that Hunter could hide out with Young and his family during pregnancy.

5. Edwards is a self-righteous diet freak
Young says that, while Edwards was a senator for North Carolina, he adhered strictly to the Atkins diet and disparaged the "fat rednecks" at state fairs who tried to "shove food down my face." He allegedly told Young: "I know I'm the people's senator, but do I have to hang out with them?"

6. Edwards' hair obsession knows no ends
Though America is already well aware that Edwards' staff listed $400 haircuts as a "campaign expense," Young informs readers that Edwards also insists his locks are always lathered with "HairTec Thick & Strong Shampoo for Fine, Fragile Hair."

7. Edwards made Young support Hunter with his own money
Young claims he paid for Hunter's expenses out of his own pocket. Edwards purportedly assured Young he would be paid back. "You know I'm good for it," he told his aide.

8. Hunter stayed in Edwards' home
Hunter allegedly spent time at the senator's home while his wife, Elizabeth, was on a book tour. According to the book, Edwards invited Hunter to sleep in his marital bed, and even let her play with his children.

9. Elizabeth Edwards had a telephone run-in with her husband's mistress
Young writes that Edwards' wife once answered the family phone only to hear Hunter launch into a "romantic monologue" — prompting Elizabeth Edwards to insist her husband break it off with Hunter. Allegedly, the former Senator did so, but later called Hunter back to say he didn't mean it.

10. Edwards wanted a Dave Matthews Band wedding
Young says he overheard Edwards tell Hunter he would marry her, and — caught up in the dizziness of the moment — promised her he'd arrange for the Virginia-based band to play at their wedding.


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