A new CBS News poll has found that 71 percent of Americans do not want 2008 Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin to run for president. Even a majority of Republicans (56 percent) say they do not support a 2012 presidential bid by the former Alaska governor. Is the poll misleading, or has the "Tea Party candidate" fallen out of favor with her base? (Watch an "SNL" spoof titled "Palin 2012")

These numbers are hard to ignore: It's "no secret" Sarah Palin would face a tough fight — poll after poll has shown that independents and Democrats "run screaming from the idea" of voting for her, says Alex Koppelman in Salon. Palin's supporters want to "wish away" the CBS numbers and blame them on "Palin-haters." But with a majority of Republicans now saying they don't want Palin to run, her problems are clearly worse than most people thought.
"Poll: Most don't want Palin to even run for president"

The poll is wrong: "Only 43 percent of Republicans have a favorable view" of Palin? asks Allahpundit in Hot Air. Not possible. Even after resigning as governor in July — "probably the nadir of her popularity" — Palin enjoyed a "near 80 percent" favorability rating among Republicans, according to a Gallup poll. So, "after the Fox gig and the book tour, we’re supposed to believe that she’s not even at 50 percent among Republicans nationwide? Please."
"CBS: 71% don't want Palin to run for president"

The poll is wrong — but the truth doesn't favor Palin: The CBS poll "asks the wrong question," says Katie Connolly in Newsweek. Rather than asking whether Sarah Palin "should run for president," they should have asked, "should Sarah Palin BE president?" Some of the people who want Palin to run are liberals who think she would be easy to beat. This poll doesn't say much about how many people are really on Palin's team.
"CBS poll on Palin asks the wrong question"


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