Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was "just stating the obvious," said Jo-Ann Armao in The Washington Post, when she told NBC's Ann Curry that she would never run for president again. It's disappointing that Hillary's window has closed—before she came along, it seemed like it was impossible for a woman to be elected president, but Hillary made it seem "doable." (watch Hillary Clinton's interview)

"Dude, she’s totally running," said Allahpundit in Hot Air, "albeit certainly not in 2012 as an upstart challenger to The One. She’s too good of a soldier to do that." But Hillary's political ambitions are alive and well.

"No matter what she says right now," said Steve Kornacki in PolitickerNY, "there really is every reason to suspect that Mrs. Clinton will end up running" again in 2016. Why wouldn't she? "The Democratic nomination will be wide open."

It's tempting for Hillary Clinton's supporters "to cling to hope," said Johanna Neuman in the Los Angeles Times, "and their Hillary for President buttons." But it sounds like Hillary Clinton has "actually found contentment in her role as the chief diplomat" for her former rival, Barack Obama. Hillary said maybe it's a "woman thing." As Tina Brown wrote in The Daily Beast, "It’s as if she has checked out of that tiresome phallic competition and acknowledged what’s different—and valuable—about her own female nature."