The White House has finally had it with Glenn Beck's lies, said Michael Scherer in Time. President Obama has been firing back at inaccurate criticism of his health plan recently, but the White House "took the 'Call 'Em Out' game to a new level" with a post on its blog targeting what the administration called "Fox lies." The administration focused on factual errors Fox News host Beck made while attacking Obama's pitch for Chicago's Olympic bid.

Talk about audacity, said Michelle Malkin in her blog. The White House's blog post was a naked attempt to "whitewash" Chicago's financial problems, and "downplay" the fact that bringing the games to Chicago would enrich the hometown cronies of Obama and his "de facto Olympics czar," Valerie Jarrett. And who will pay? The citizens of Chicago, which will dig itself into deeper financial trouble getting ready to host the Games.

It's hard to take Glenn Beck's attacks on the administration seriously, said Rod Dreher in BeliefNet, even for a conservative. On Beck's show as I write, "he's got on his chalkboard a kind of diagram drawn connecting Obama to Valerie Jarrett, his White House aide, whom he's also connected to ACORN and communism (really, there's a hammer-and-sickle on his chalkboard next to Jarrett's image)." Huh? "I cannot believe people get taken in by this boob."