Obama propaganda is now available in elementary school, said Michelle Malkin in her blog. A video—first posted on YouTube in June —shows small children in a New Jersey school being taught a song praising "Barack Hussein Obama." The YouTube post was traced to Charisse Carney-Nunes—who wrote a book with a "creepy cult message" telling kids to follow Obama's "inspirational story" and change the world. Nice, indoctrination in our schools! (watch the Obama song video)

The real "propaganda machine," said Richard Seireeni in The Huffington Post, is Fox News, which has been has been frothing up its conservative readers" over this isolated incident in a single Burlington, N.J., school. (watch Fox's Glenn Beck talking about the Obama song video) The Fox News website even bundles its coverage of the story with a poll, and a slideshow illustrating the indoctrination of children by Hitler, Hamas, and Stalin. Disgusting, but hardly surprising, given that Fox has "a single mission of attacking Obama at every turn."

Fox News isn't the only one making a big deal of this, said Mark Silva in the Chicago Tribune. The video showing schoolchildren being coached to sing "the president's praises" swept the Internet. The school has apologized, but the buzz about this story could linger in a political climate already heated up by the controversy that surrounded President Obama's recent address to the nation's school students.