We humans waste a lot of water, said Daniel Finkelstein in the London Times, but have no fear, a Brazilian conservation group says there's a way for people to avoid one flush of the toilet each day, which would save 1,157 gallons per year. The answer? "Peeing in the shower, apparently." (watch Brazilian conservation group SOS Mata Atlantic's pee-in-the-shower ad)

"For those who balk at the notion of letting loose in the shower," said Kate Galbraith in The New York Times, there's a less controversial approach that is "championed by the actress Cameron Diaz, among others." Simply follow the "If it’s yellow leave it mellow; if it’s brown flush it down" rule Diaz explained to Jay Leno on the Tonight show in May. In other words, flush less frequently.

"Call me a loony-greeny-lefty communist," said Evan Maloney in Australia's News.com.au, "but I don’t have a problem with peeing in the shower." Fox News conservative commentator Glenn Beck apparently isn't wild about the idea. (watch Beck's take on saving water by peeing in the shower) But I'll bask in "a warm glow of self-righteousness" now every time I pee in the shower, and "I’m wondering if I should feel equally environmentally sound for peeing in the ocean and swimming pool."

Don't get carried away, said Lucy Mangan in Britain's The Guardian. Pee in the shower if you must, but please follow some rules. Never get started until the water's running, and never pee in a friend's shower (or a public one). Also, "don't wash in the toilet, and never, ever poo in the bath."