It's hard to believe that the angry Hillary Clinton is America's "chief diplomat," said John Hinderaker in Power Line. The Secretary of State went ballistic on a Congolese student who asked her what "Mr. Clinton" thought about China's trade deal with Congo. Apparently, even Hillary is tiring of the "weird" two-for-the-price-of-one-schtick, especially since Bill Clinton has always been the one getting all the attention. (watch Hillary Clinton respond to the question about Bill Clinton's views)

Sure, Hillary Clinton "came off as harsh," said liberal commentator Taylor Marsh in her blog, when she said, "My husband is not secretary of state, I am." But that's understandable given the "misogyny" that is so rampant in Congo and other African nations. "A little righteous indignation from the most powerful female persona on the planet was in order, especially considering women in the Congo are in danger most of the hours of their waking and sleeping lives."

"Some days, you really have to feel for Hillary Clinton," said Deborah Zabarenko in Reuters. She had just dealt with Bill Clinton's overshadowing her, when he got two journalists freed in North Korea, and now this. An assistant conceded that the sexist implications of the question "struck a nerve," given her efforts to call the use of rape as a weapon of war in Congo. How unfortunate, especially since the questioner later said he really wanted to know what President Obama thought about the China trade deal, but the translator had goofed.