Russian survives two five-story plunges
A Russian man who downed three bottles of vodka survived a five-story plunge—twice. After his drinking binge, Alexei Roskov, 22, jumped out his kitchen window. Somehow, he survived the 50-foot fall and staggered back upstairs, where his wife berated him for being an idiot. Roskov then tried to kill himself again. “When I heard my wife screaming at me,” he said, “I thought it was best if I left the room again—out of the window.” After medics treated him for bruises, Roskov announced he’d decided to give up drinking.

Cat teaches puppies to catch mice
A cat in China has adopted two puppies that she’s teaching to catch mice. The puppies’ mother died during the delivery, so the owner of the cat—which had just given birth to kittens—put the puppies next to her basket. “The puppies crawled over to the cat and started to fight for breast milk with the kittens,” said the cat’s owner. Now the cat feeds the puppies first, and has been showing them how to stalk and pounce on mice. 

Delta passenger is arrested for using the wrong bathroom
A plane passenger suffering a bathroom emergency was jailed after he insisted on using the restroom in business class. Joao Correa, 43, of Ohio was on a Delta Air Lines flight when his intestines went into revolt. He found the aisle blocked by a beverage cart, so he raced toward the bathroom in business class. A flight attendant tried to block him, and in desperation, he pushed past her.  Correa was later arrested. “I’m devastated,” he said, explaining that when you gotta go, you gotta go.