“Call it the Battle of the Conservative Blondes,” said Clarence Page in the Chicago Tribune. Meghan McCain criticized “conservative insult-wench Ann Coulter,” only to have another of the Right’s blonde pundits, Laura Ingraham, fire back that McCain was a know-nothing Valley girl with a weight problem. To which McCain, on “The View,” replied, “Kiss my fat ass!” (watch the video)

“Toughen up, Mac,” said Allahpundit in Hot Air. The daughter of John McCain, the former Republican presidential candidate, embraced the role of commentator when she took to blogging, and now writing a column for The Daily Beast. When people disagree with you, they’re not always kind—“I get worse insults than ‘plus size’” every day.

“Ingraham hasn’t exactly been the poster girl for traditional feminist sisterhood over the years,” said Michelle Cottle in The New Republic, “but a fat joke?” Ingraham apparently felt the need to strike a blow "on behalf of skinny, right-wing demagogues everywhere." But taking aim at McCain's thighs is poor strategy for a “pundette” like Ingraham, who rose to prominence “by appearing on the cover of a 1995 New York Times magazine in a leopard-print miniskirt.”