Georgia inmate sneaks back into jail
An inmate was apprehended last week while breaking into a Georgia jail. Harry Jackson, 25, was caught sneaking into the Camden County jail with 14 cartons of cigarettes he had just stolen from a local convenience store. “We thought we had two separate incidents,” said Sheriff Tommy Gregory, referring to Jackson’s original escape and the burglary at Snappy Foods. “By the time we locate this guy, he’s one and the same.”

John Edwards finally confesses
John Edwards has finally confessed to wife Elizabeth that he fathered a child with his mistress, says The National Enquirer. The former presidential candidate last year admitted an affair with videographer Rielle Hunter, but adamantly denied being the father of her infant daughter. But sources say Edwards has now told Elizabeth the truth, for fear that Hunter—“completely stressed out” by how she may be portrayed in Elizabeth Edwards’ upcoming memoir—may “go public before Elizabeth’s book comes out so she can put her story out there first.”

Clothed guest at nudist resort causes riot
A guest at an Australian nudist resort caused a riot when he refused to take his clothes off. Tony Fox, owner of the White Cockatoo resort near Brisbane, said four naked female partygoers complained about a clothed guest “eyeing them up.” “I asked him to show some respect and take his clothes off,” said Fox. The guest refused, precipitating an argument and a fistfight involving several nudists and the guest, who was ejected from the premises by police.