Thief steals Museum's dinosaur dung
Curators at London’s Natural History Museum say that someone has stolen a priceless piece of dinosaur dung. The 4-inch lump of excrement is thought to have been extruded by a herbivorous titanosaurus 65 million years ago, and “is literally priceless,” said professor Richard Lane, scientific director of the museum. Added the professor, “One might question what the thief would do with this.”

Suzanne Somers' anti-aging regimen
Suzanne Somers has revealed the details of her elaborate anti-aging regimen. The former Three’s Company star, now 62, revealed on The Oprah Winfrey Show that she begins her day with a breakfast of 40 pills, 15 of which are ground up into a thick yellow shake, then applies syringes of various hormones to her arms and vagina, and at bedtime enjoys a light snack of 20 more pills. The routine may make her seem “like some kind of fanatic,” Somers concedes, but she wants to be alive and alert at 110, and will “do what I have to do to get there.”

Dutch student wins legal battle over smelly feet
A Dutch philosophy student who was banned from campus because his feet smelled so bad has won a 10-year legal battle to return to school. Teunis Tenbrook was originally ejected from Rotterdam’s Erasmus University when faculty and fellow students complained that the stench from his feet made it hard to think deeply about philosophical issues. This week, however, a court ruled that “professors and other students will just have to hold their noses and bear it.”