Goat held on suspicion of armed robbery
Police in Nigeria are holding a goat on suspicion of armed robbery. A group of citizens were on an anti-crime patrol in the capital city of Lagos when they found a pair of armed “hoodlums” trying to steal a Mazda 323. The vigilantes say they chased the men, but one escaped and the other used black magic to turn himself into a goat. “We cannot confirm the story,” said a police spokesman, adding that the goat will be held, but not prosecuted, until “it can be proved scientifically that a human being turned into a goat.”

Temper tantrum triggers rescue operation
A California boy in the midst of a tantrum triggered a full-scale police rescue operation when he angrily threw his teddy bear over a guardrail. The bear wound up about 80 feet down a steep Glendale hillside, and his mom went to retrieve it. She tumbled down the rain-slickened hill. Then his dad tried to rescue the mom and he, too, slipped. “We could not climb up because it was very slippery,” said the dad. The panicked boy knocked on a neighbor’s door, and when firefighters and police arrived, they had to use ropes to pull the parents to safety.

Why do men love Heather Mills?
Heather Mills can’t figure out why she’s getting so much male attention, says the New York Post. “I get asked out all the time,” marvels the ex-model, 41, whose marriage to Sir Paul McCartney ended last year, “and my girlfriends—who are better looking than me—say, ‘How the hell does that happen?’” Mills, who netted nearly $40 million in the divorce, theorizes that “Maybe it’s because I’m comfortable with myself.”