Good week for:

Deer, after a big buck shot and downed in Missouri suddenly reared up and attacked hunter Randy Goodman, knocking him to the ground and repeatedly bashing him with his antlers. Goodman described the deer’s revenge as “15 seconds of hell.” 

Die-hard fans, after a Massachusetts funeral home sold its first Boston Red Sox casket to the family of a longtime fan. The coffin company will soon make them with other team logos, and also sell team-themed urns for those who prefer cremation.

Capitol improvements, after Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid declared that his favorite thing about the newly opened $621 million Capitol Visitors Center is that it will keep hordes of tourists out of Congress itself. “My staff tells me not to say this,” he said, “but in the summer, you could literally smell the tourists.”

Bad week for:

Actors, after a Japanese theater company staged the first play featuring robots acting alongside people.

The Montgomery Township, N.J., police, who laid siege to a closed bank after a shadowy figure was seen through drawn blinds. After a tense, two-hour standoff, police realized that the suspect was actually a life-size cardboard figure.

Ignoring the fine print, after a Seattle artist who was invited to submit a decoration for the White House Christmas tree painted a glass ball with tiny lettering calling for the impeachment of President Bush. The White House said that rather than search through hundreds of balls, it would leave the disrespectful decoration on the tree.