Prisoner mails himself out of jail
Police in Germany are hunting an escaped prisoner who mailed himself out of jail. Hans Lang, 42, serving time for drug offenses, appears to have hidden himself inside a large Federal Express package of dirty sheets that was later picked up for delivery. Once clear of the prison grounds, Lang exited the box, picked the lock on the door of the delivery truck, and disappeared into some woods near Düsseldorf. “It’s the kind of thing people think only happens in films,” said a police spokesman, “but in this case it is very real.”

Kate Moss berates boyfriend over vial of blood
Kate Moss became furious at her boyfriend after discovering that he was keeping a vial of his ex-girlfriend’s blood for sentimental reasons, says the London Sun. A source tells the newspaper that Moss, 34, went “through the roof” when she found the macabre keepsake among boyfriend Jamie Hince’s possessions. The couple are now trying to patch things up at Moss’ country estate. In Hince’s defense, the source notes, “Jamie has always been a romantic.”

Webcam to replace prosthetic eye?

A San Francisco artist who lost her eye in an auto accident is planning to install a webcam in the empty socket, says the New York Daily News. Tanya Vlach, 35, has been wearing a sightless prosthetic eye since her 2005 accident, but is now recruiting engineers to build her an eye-shaped camera that would enable viewers to see every minute of her life from her perspective. “I’m sort of a sci-fi geek,” says Vlach. “With the advancement in technology, I thought, Why not?”