Good week for:
Virtual friendship, after Internet analyst Bill Tancer reported that social?networking through websites such as Facebook and MySpace has become more popular than surfing for porn. “Young users spend so much time on social networks,” Tancer said, “that they don’t have time to look at adult sites.”

The constitutional right to show your underwear, after a local Florida judge ruled that a Riviera Beach law banning the wearing of baggy, low-riding pants was unconstitutional.

Brilliant insights, after Lynne Spears said in an interview that it probably wasn’t such a good idea to turn her daughter Britney into an international sex symbol at age 15. “It’s kind of like Britney was sent out into the world a little bit prematurely,” Spears said.

Bad week for:
Room service,
after a hotel on Turkey’s Mediterranean coast fired all its male employees for repeatedly having affairs with foreign female guests. 

Mickey Mouse, after a Saudi Arabian cleric denounced the beloved Disney character as one of “Satan’s soldiers” who is trying to trick Muslim children into loving mice. “According to Islamic law, Mickey Mouse should be killed in all cases,” said Sheikh Muhammad Munajid.

The ultimate flight delay, after an XL Airline flight from Orlando to London that was taxiing for takeoff with 260 passengers aboard suddenly stopped and turned around. The passengers were told the small airline had just gone out of business and were ordered to exit immediately onto the tarmac, where they were left stranded.