A pair of skydivers, hired to parachute into a college football stadium just before kickoff, landed in the wrong stadium. The two men landed in Duke University’s Wallace Wade Stadium an hour before a game, rather than at the University of North Carolina’s stadium eight miles away, and quickly scuttled off the field in shame when they realized their mistake. “In about five years, maybe this will be funny,” said a North Carolina University official.

David Beckham has started wearing a bracelet of magic beads to boost his sex drive. Friends of the 33-year-old soccer icon say that he and wife Victoria (once known as “Posh” Spice) have “certainly been smiling more” since Beckham invested in the bracelet, which is strung with a spiritually significant assortment of gems and crystals, and a tiny scroll promising the wearer renewed vitality. The Beckhams “are willing to try anything to keep things fresh,” says one of the friends.

State officials in Serbia, which has too many bachelors, want to import 250,000 unmarried women from other countries. Zeljko Vasiljevic, Serbia’s secretary of state for social policy, says that talks are underway with nearby states such as Ukraine, which has a surplus of women, as well as with Asian nations such as Cambodia and Laos. While the Asian women would have farther to travel, said Vasiljevic, they have “a tradition of bearing children,” as well as being “good at agricultural work.”