Barack Obama shot back at Sarah Palin, said Jeralyn Merritt in the TalkLeft blog, countering the GOP vice-presidential nominee’s convention speech by saying it was “the same kind of Republican attacks we’ve heard from George Bush for eight years.” Bulls-eye. He’s got to continue knocking down the claim that John McCain’s ticket promises change before the argument begins to “resonate.”

The Democrats’ assaults will get increasingly “desperate and vicious,” said William Kristol in The Daily Standard, because they know that Palin is a threat to their claim to “speak for youth, for women, and for the future.” But “they’ll fail,” because the McCain-Palin ticket connects with America.

The Democrats should resist the temptation to attack Palin's experience, said Ross Douthat in his blog at, or anything about her. Instead, they should relentlessly go after McCain, because that’s a fight that will be “very, very hard for Democrats to lose.”