An Alabama man reduced his home to a smoldering ruin trying to get rid of some bees from a utility shed. After Joshua Mullen, 26, saw bees swarming around a rag pile, he doused it with gas. But then the pilot light from a water heater ignited fumes from the gas, and by the time the fire was put out, Mullen’s shed was gone and his house had sustained $80,000 of damage. “Looking at all this,” Mullen said, “there might have been a better way.”

Jessica Simpson’s interfering father is responsible for her relationship woes, says Us Weekly. She and NFL star Tony Romo separated last month—though they are talking again—and a source close to the singer says the primary cause of the split was Romo’s irritation with Simpson’s father. Joe Simpson manages his daughter’s career and offered to do the same for the Dallas quarterback. He also offered to sell the couple’s wedding photos to a magazine, should they ever get to the altar. Said the elder Simpson: “It’s unfair to criticize me for what every manager does for his or her clients.”

A British man is considering legal action against surgeons who left a 4-inch metal rod in his head. Donovan McGowan, 18, suffered blinding headaches for two months after surgery following a car accident. When he finally went for an X-ray, he recounted, “They said, ‘This is quite embarrassing, but there is something metallic still in your head.’ But it’s been more than embarrassing for me having to walk about with this lump on my head.” The object has since been removed.