A 50-year-old woman in Saudi Arabia is asking for a divorce because her husband lifted her veil and looked at her face while she was sleeping. The unnamed wife told Al-Riyadh that she had kept her face hidden for the past 30 years, and although her husband has apologized and promised never to peek again, she cannot forgive him. “After all these years, he tries to commit such a big mistake,” she said.

Nicole Kidman suffered a public “meltdown” when husband Keith Urban tried to take her to lunch in a Cracker Barrel restaurant, says The National Enquirer. Witnesses at the homey, casual-dining establishment in Crossville, Tenn., say that the pregnant actress initially seemed calm, even allowing the country singer to order for her. When the food arrived, however, Kidman was appalled, hissing, “This is it? This is where we’re getting lunch? I hate this place!” She then stormed out into the parking lot, where the couple had a heated argument.

A Croatian woman who went missing 42 years ago has been found dead, sitting in front of the television in her own apartment. Neighbors of Hedviga Golik reported her missing in 1966, but it was only this week that police finally broke down the door of her apartment and found her mummified corpse in an armchair before a vintage black-and-white television set. “So far we have no idea how it is possible that someone officially reported missing so long ago was not found before,” said a police spokesman.