What happened
New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg introduced Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama at a speech in Manhattan on Thursday, fueling speculation that the billionaire mayor might be the perfect running mate for the Illinois senator. But Bloomberg, who only recently ruled out running for the presidency as an independent, pointedly noted that he had endorsed no one, and sat through the speech without applauding. (The New York Times, free registration)

What the commentators said
Forget the “the post photo-op speculation” that Obama and Bloomberg would “make a fine pair,” said Jennifer Skalka in National Journal’s The Hotline. “Won't happen.” Obama’s main problem is soothing “white, male, rural voters,” and hitching up with a “Jewish, single, wine-swilling billionaire” doesn’t exactly beef up his “rural, moderate cred.” Besides, the longer this fight drags on the clearer it becomes that Obama will have no choice but to run with Hillary Clinton. “Call it The Misery Ticket. And let's get on with it.”

Don’t be so quick to dismiss the possibility of an Obama-Bloomberg ticket, said Domenico Montenaro in MSNBC’s First Thoughts blog. “This is the second time Bloomberg has given Obama a high profile photo-op.” And as the Democratic slugfest continues, Obama may need help defusing criticism over “anti-Israel sentiments” expressed by his former pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright. “The idea of a Jewish running mate might end up making more and more sense for Obama as the summer wears on.”

The reason the match makes sense is the “complementary traits” each would bring to the ticket, said Marc Ambinder in his blog at The Atlantic. “Obama isn't much of an administrator or a details guy by his own admission, while Bloomberg is so concerned about Your Health and Welfare that he studies intently the ins and outs of congestion pricing and trans-fats.” Obama would be “the vision guy,” and Bloomberg “the brass-tacks administrator.”