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Conservative book editor fears Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is too photogenic

For Republicans, one silver lining of a Democratic presidency has historically been its fodder for right-wing book publishers. But under President Joe Biden, the silver has already begun to tarnish. 

Conservative publishers are struggling to find a "new bogeyman" to make up for Biden's "relative dullness," which has created a "market for anti-Biden books [that] is ice cold," McKay Coppins writes for The Atlantic

Dr. Anthony Fauci and Biden's son Hunter are possible candidates for conservative vilification on bookshelves, Coppins writes, but Vice President Kamala Harris and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) might have more sticking power. 

Ocasio-Cortez, in particular, could rile up the GOP's anti-socialist base. But when it comes to selling physical copies, there's just one problem.

"It's hard to find a bad picture of her to put on the cover," one conservative editor told Coppins. 

"Instead, the editor said, the smart money is on Vice President Kamala Harris, who could be reinvented in the right writerly hands as a devious puppet master pulling the strings of the affable, witless president," Coppins writes.

And people say pretty privilege doesn't exist.