Thief steals brains from medical museum
An Indiana man was arrested after he allegedly stole some 60 jars containing human brains from his state’s Medical History Museum, and then listed the organs for sale on Police say they were tipped off by a San Diego collector who bought six of the brains for $670, but realized they’d been stolen after examining the jars’ labels. Police say David Charles, 21, had 20 jars of brains in his car, and another 28 stored at a friend’s house. The museum’s director called the theft “extraordinarily disturbing.”

A Bigfoot hunter's story
A Texas hunter claims he shot Bigfoot, and promises to soon produce the fabled creature’s dead body. Rick Dyer, a self-described Bigfoot hunter, said he tracked the beast to woods outside San Antonio, nailed a rack of pork ribs to a tree as bait, and then blasted the 7-foot-10-inch creature as it fed. “With tears in my eyes, I watched it take its last breath,” he said. Dyer has released a photo that he claimed shows Bigfoot’s face, and says “it’s the real deal.” Skeptics noted that Dyer previously claimed to have killed Bigfoot in 2008, but that the body turned out to be a rubber ape costume.

How to recover swallowed jewelry
Indian police fed 96 bananas to a thief who had stolen and swallowed a gold chain in order to speed the item’s recovery. Damu Gupta, 28, snatched the necklace from a doctor on a train and swallowed it when his victim called for help. “Gupta vehemently claimed he was innocent,” said police, but an ultrasound exam revealed a chain in his abdomen. Officers began feeding the thief bananas, and the piece of jewelry was soon passed and recovered.