Getaway driver turns on escaped prisoner
An escaped Nebraska prisoner was recaptured after his getaway driver—his girlfriend—threw him out of her car. Police said Dylan Aufdengarten, 27, snuck away from his work-release job at an animal shelter, and jumped into the waiting car of his girlfriend, Jennifer Harmon, 29. But they began arguing, and she kicked Aufdengarten out of the car five miles down the road and told police where to find him. Aufdengarten was charged with escape from custody, and Harmon with aiding an escapee.

There's a rat in the loo!
A British couple are being terrorized by a rat in their toilet. Margaret and Keith Woods say the rodent has emerged from their loo numerous times, even though they now flush repeatedly before sitting down. “We are petrified to go to the toilet,” Margaret said. Just the other day, Margaret said, she flushed, opened the lid, and “it was rearing its ugly head.” The water company has apologized, saying sewer work is probably to blame. The Woods family, meanwhile, has named the now-familiar rat “Roland.”

Japan's new teenage craze
Japanese schoolchildren have been swept up in a new craze—eyeball licking. The bizarre practice, known as “worming,” supposedly is an expression of intimacy, and was sparked by a music video in which a woman licks the lead singer’s eye. Ophthalmologists warned that the practice is causing scratched corneas and infections that could lead to blindness. But Japanese teens have ignored the warnings, with one teacher reporting that as many as 10 of his pupils turned up to class wearing eye patches to cover sties and conjunctivitis.