Argentina's toy poodle scam
Dog lovers in Argentina got a nasty shock after they bought pedigreed toy poodles that turned out to be ferrets enlarged by steroids. One senior citizen who was duped by the scam took home two “puppies” for $300—a big bargain over the $2,000 that two toy poodles would cost. When he took his cute new pets to be vaccinated, a vet revealed that his pedigree dogs were actually ferrets that had been given steroids to increase their size and extra grooming to fluff up their fur.

Is Tiger Woods already cheating?
Tiger Woods’s latest squeeze, Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn, is convinced that the self-confessed sex addict is cheating on her already, said the National Enquirer. But this time the golfer isn’t chasing porn stars or cocktail waitresses—the other woman is allegedly his ex-wife, Elin. Woods had been trying to woo Elin back even as he pursued Vonn, and the estranged couple was rumored to be sleeping together while discussing a reunion. “Lindsey’s not happy at all,” says a source. “She’s convinced that they’re still at it. Lindsey told him that if he can’t get Elin out of his mind, he should go back to rehab for more therapy.”

Plans for a hot shave go awry
A Florida man ended up in the hospital after his plan for a hot shave blew up in his face. Emergency workers rushed to the scene of a reported explosion and found a 50-year-old standing in the street with a gash under one eye and white foam on his shirt. The man told them that he’d wanted a hot shave, so had heated a can of shaving foam on his stove. The can exploded into shards of aluminum. “Not a good idea, in my estimation,” said fire Chief Dave Mixson.