The rise of super PACs has revolutionized the way political campaigns are financed. But "it's also sparked a wave of creativity as each PAC tries to separate itself from the rest of the pack," says Emily Heil at The Washington Post. Indeed, with more than 300 super PACs registered with the FEC (and counting), a little creativity is probably in order. Still, some super PAC names stretch the bounds of good taste — or even logic. Take Mitt Romney's pet super PAC, Restore Our Future: "Its name makes no sense at all," says BuzzFeed. "It's an actual contradiction, an inscrutable zen koan for this elections cycle." Or, as Paul Begala, an adviser for President Obama's own amorphously named Priorities USA Action, puts it: "It's like saying, 'I'm out in the garage restoring my 2020 Ford car.'" Here are 41 other (very real) super PAC names that annoy, amuse, or just plain perplex:

Insistently American
When you're trying to raise money for an American election, name-checking the US of A makes sense — but you can take it too far:

1. Americans For America
2. America For Americans
3. Americans For a Better Tomorrow Today
4. Americans For a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow
5. Americans For a Better Tomorrow, Yesterday
6. My America
7. Your America
8. Putting America First 

Cloyingly sentimental
Tugging on the heartstrings may be a good way to raise money, but there's a difference between sweet and saccharine: 

9. A Promise to Our Children
10. Faith Family Freedom Fund
11. American Sunrise
12. Our Destiny PAC
13. We Believe USA 
14. We Love USA PAC 

Gratingly self-evident
You'd be hard-pressed to find anybody who disagrees with these stated goals:

15. Parents for a Brighter Future
16. Parents Against Child Access to Pornography
17. Citizens for Prosperity and Good Government
18. People for Creating Sustainable Jobs In America
19. Americans Wanting Truth in Politics
20. Citizens Alliance for Better Candidates

Bizarrely specific
On the other hand, sometimes you can appeal to too small of an audience:

21. Citizens Against the Peripheral Canal and Other Wasteful Projects
22. Committee to Elect an Effective Valley Congressman
23. Inland Empire Taxpayers for Jobs
24. Wednesday Morning Conservatives; The

Puzzlingly vague
And who is the intended target audience for these super PACs? Anyone? 

25. CausePAC
26. A SuperPAC
27. Committee for a New Start in the Right Direction
28. Grow PAC
29. Internet; The
30. Rethink PAC 

Definitively canine
Will the harrowing tale of Seamus, the Romneys' car-surfing Irish setter, ever die? These PACs suggest the answer is no.

31. DogPAC
32. Dogs Against Romney
33. I Ride Inside — The Pets Against Romney Committee
34. Mitt is Mean — The Animal Lovers Against Romney Committee

Totally inscrutable
With these super PACs, your guess is as good as ours: 

35. Americans For More Rhombus
36. Why Not ZoidPAC?
37. Just Drink the Koolaid
38. Citizens Benighted
39. No 2 Sides PAC
40. Peeps PAC
41. The Dump Him Project