The video: Can Julianne Moore possibly rival Tina Fey's indelible Sarah Palin impression? According to some critics, "You betcha." The four-time Oscar nominee stars as Mama Grizzly in the upcoming HBO film Game Change, based on John Heilemann and Mark Halperin's gossipy behind-the-scenes account of the 2008 presidential race. A new teaser for the film, which will air in March, focuses on the introduction of Palin as John McCain's running mate. "We desperately need a game-changing pick," says Woody Harrelson, playing McCain advisor Steve Schmidt, "and none of these middle-aged white guys are game changers." McCain, played by Ed Harris, replies, "So find me a woman." The teaser (watch it below) then cuts to Moore striding onto the convention stage to give viewers their first sample of her Alaskan twang. "I will be honored to accept your nomination for vice president of the United States."

The reaction: Julianne Moore is an "uncanny" Palin, says The Improper. Yes, Moore has Palin's "reedy, semi-strangulated vocal tones down pat," says George Wales at Total Film, and a "staggeringly convincing makeover" should ease concerns that the two women don't resemble each other. Let's not jump to conclusions, says Dave Lewis at HitFix. It's hard to tell from the trailer's few lines of dialogue whether Moore truly pulls off Palin's "nasally vocal quirks." Moore is "usually a wiz with accents and affectations," but her most recent attempt — an over-the-top Boston dialect on 30 Rock — fell flat with critics. Judge for yourself: