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Good week for:

Overtime, after it was revealed that the highest-paid city employee in Madison, Wisc., was bus driver John E. Nelson, who earned $159,258 in 2009, including $109,892 in overtime and other extra pay. Seven city bus drivers made more than $100,000 last year.

Bush nostalgia, after a group of business owners caused a furor by erecting a billboard on Minnesota’s I-35 of George W. Bush smirking and waving, with the words “Miss me yet?” The people who paid for the billboard, said the advertising firm that created it, are not fans of the current administration.

The New Orleans Saints, whose Super Bowl victory last week was witnessed by 106.5 million viewers—the most-watched television event in U.S. history. 

Bad week for:

Riding shotgun, after Long Island, N.Y., resident Kathleen Frascinella was ticketed for driving in the high-occupancy-vehicle lane of the Long Island Expressway with an elaborately dressed dummy. A police officer became suspicious because the dummy was wearing sunglasses on a cloudy day.

Productivity, after an industry study found that in December, Americans viewed 33.2 billion online videos, with an average duration of 4.1 minutes. That’s a combined total of well over 250,000 years.

Akbar Zib, a respected, high-ranking Pakistani official, who was rejected as ambassador to Saudi Arabia because his name translates to “Biggest Dick” in Arabic.